No.02: Danbo Dell Box
1:6 Scale
This model is designed to print on 8.5"x11" inkjet matte photo paper. Set printer to Matte paper heavy weight, photo quality. I recommend Canon Matte Photo Paper for this model.
This Danbo model designed to fit on a 1/6 scale (12 inch) donor figure.
Start by gluing the front side of Top and Bottom first.
Then both Left and Right side of the head.
Then the Face. After that, closed the box.
Looking great!
The taps under the head are for support only. Do not fold them up too much. just a little will do.
Next up, Arms and Neck. If you don't want to use a donor body. Glue the Arms boxes to the taps. Just test fitt right now. Don't Glue anything here yet.
Neck in place.
Perfect fit.
Loosely rolled up tissue works very well for support. Don't have to glue the tissue. If you not using donor figure. Use rolled up card stock, about 7 inch tall for both Leg boxes. Packing foam works much better then tissue.
Again, don't have to glue the foam. Depend on how tall or short of the donor figure. May need to cut a groove to the Leg boxes for better fit. With everything checked. Now we can box the figure in.
If you don't have packing foam. Tissue works just fine.
Hey, dude! Wassup....
No glue. No gluing anything here!
Done. Woo Hoo!!!
That's a fun and easy built.
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