Here I am, up to no good again. Saw a picture of a real firearm AKM-SOPMOD in a magazine, and I want one or two for my figures. Since no AK with RAS system available in the 1/6 scale market. I finally took out my AK74 from the "Red Horse 1/6 Scale Accessory Pack" that I got in 2006 Dragon-Con. And I got a RIS donor, a M4 carbine from Dragon.



I'm in luck here. The Red House's AK front half is not glue together. One can easily pull them apart, and I didn't know it was made from resin, cool. And for the RIS, I just need top half of the RIS system, with top, and both side rails. I cut out what I don't need and keep the four rail for the lower handguard. I Also found some rails in my sparebox. Think they're from BBI. So I kept them handy.

Dry fitting to see what else I will need to cut.
Top RAS system ready to go. This view showing I kept the back end intact. Cause I'm going to need the material to glue to the AK receiver
The front end.
The soft resin make cutting the upper handguard so much easier then cutting plastic.
More dry fitting. Looks good so far. Next is rebuilding the gas return tube.
The leftover barrel from the M4 carbine works just fine.
I just need to cut off the centering taps.
Fit in perfectly
Cool. Now when I look inside. It won't be empty.
I painted that area first before I close it up.
You can see I modified the RAS system again. I think that little cutting will makes it looks more " Tactical ". Now I moving on to the lower handguard rail. I glued a Evergreen strip styrene to the rail and sanded it to the contort of the lower handguard and glued in place.
Next the Stock. The is nothing wrong with the original stock on the AK. It is very nice. But, with the retractable stock, it will be a very cool AK. My first replacement retractable stock (Top) is Dragon. The second crane stock is...not sure, BBI? -Toysoldier? - ACE? Whatever that is. The crane stock and the position stock tube are much nicer then the Dragon. So, I'm going with that.
For durability, I drilled and inserted a brass rod and super glue about 1/4" deep in the stock tube.
Measure once, measure again and again. Cause I only want to drill once. Get it right the first time.
Cool, everything looks real good.
Job well done, with all accessories on. The Red House AK do not comes with Mag Pull. It is Toy Soldier. The Tactical Light Grip from BBI. It looks an lots like Hottoys. But, Hottoys Tactical Light Grip got "Sure Fire"decal on one side, and BBI don't. The EOTech Holographic Sight is from Hottoys.

The last thing is adding a MV Lens to the Tactical Light System. It is amazing how much life that little lens can add to your Figures.

Thank you for looking. Hope you enjoy the pictures. Your suggestion and comment are most welcome.

It was so much fun custom the Red House AK74 SOPMOD, I made a second. This is Dragon AK 47 and again M4 carbine as RAS donor. Everything from Dragon. But the silencer is from 21st Century, and the Tactical Light from BBI. Mag Pull from Toy Soldier. And I shorten the barrel to give it a more CQB looks.

This is from a AK47S. I was out of fix stock AK, and a swing stock will do just fine. I don't have to cut off the stock. I just need to fill the hole. Allmost every parts is Dragon, but the Mag Pull and the Silencer are Toy Soldier. I also added a MV Lens to the Tactical Light.

Thank you for looking. Hope you enjoy the pictures. Your suggestion and comment are most welcome.



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