~~~ Savoia S21 ~  
Software: Rhino 3D

Here is the famous Savoia S21 seaplane from the animation film Porco Rosso by Miyazaki. I building the model with Rhino 4.0 again. Like the Folletto, I designing this to be paper card model. It included both early and late Rolls-Royce Kestrell engines, and front passenger cockpit for Fio. I really enjoy building the Savoia S21.  Something about seaplane really get my attention. I want to build it to near perfection, film accurate. But, like the Folletto(flaptter from Castle in the Sky). Savoia S21 in the film changes size and shape. Cockpit instruments changes location. Good thing that I am not a perfectionist rivet counters..... well, not a hardcore rivet counter anyway.


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