~~~ HMMWV ~  
Software: Maya

I have not touch Maya for years before I started this project. My knowledge in Maya was basic at best. So, to take on something like this was a major task for me. I have no clue what I was getting into. It was way over my head.


But I got nothing else better to do, so.... why not. I stated the chassis first, running gears and stuff. Then I worked my way up. At the beginning, I built just about every parts several times to get it right. It was painfully slow. But, little by little, things get easier and faster for me and even fun! My coworkers at the office was a big help for me too. Showed me where all the tools are hiding.


Anyway, I set out to build this like a injection plastic model kit. Planning to have it manufacture someday in 1:6 scale. This is a rough model without all the parts being smoothed. My poor little laptop can't handle that. It will take forever if I try to smoothen everything. Don't think I will live long enough to see it finished smoothing. So, please excuse all the hard edges.


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