Weekend of Heroes 2003:

PFC Ed Pepping, 101st Airborne medic, Easy Company. It was my honor to meet a real life Hero. He not only autographed my Motorcycle and Willy prints, he actually came visit my booth during his autograph break. Wow! What an honor! See that big smile on my face, you can tell I'm a happy camper. Wish I have my Band of Brothers DVD with me at that time, so I can ask him to autographed that too.

I must say I'm not a autograph seeker at all. Well... not before PFC Ed Pepping made his way here anyway. Working for Disney, sometime I do run into TV and movie stars over at the main lot. And I never did care to ask for their autograph, just not worth of my time to walk over there and ask for it. Well.... Maybe if they are signing a check to me then, ya, I'll take it. But men and women like PFC Ed Pepping are different. They didn't just act in front of the camera. They lived it, been there and done it, and lucky enough to come home alive. They are the real Heroes! So, ya! I wants their autograph and pictures.

Seal Team 3. Wish I can show their faces. But they are still in active duty. Knowing the Seal guys like to keep a low profile, maybe they will like it better this way. I'm sure their family and teammate can tell who they are anyway.

Standing next to them really make me feel small. Not just physically. They are the "SEAL"! The best of the best! The "Elite"! Those guys are on the top of the food chain. They are Predator with the capital "P"! To become what they are, and do what they do, one will have to be a very special person. It was a real honor to meet them. I wish them the very best whatever they do, and come back home safe to their family after every mission.

Lt.Col. Robert W. McClurg. VMF-214 "Black Sheep" Squadron, F4U Corsair Ace with 7 victories and 2 probables. Flew as wingman for Maj. "Pappy" Boyington. Two combat tours from September 13, 1943 to January 8,1944.

Like many, I love the TV show "Black Sheep". But, nothings like meeting the real life VMF-214 Aces. And from what I learned from Lt. Col Robert McClurg and Brig. Gen. Bruce J. Matheson, and few other "Black Sheep". The only things that's true about the TV show are 1: They did flew the F4U Corsair. 2: They did shot down a lot of Japanese aircraft.

F4U Corair prints autographed by Lt. Col. Robert W. McClurg and Col. William D. Heier available under WWII Hardware.



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