The aircraft 601 at Point Mugu USN air base getting ready for flight.

The Hawk stretched it's wings!

You know, I seen the E-2 in action on History and Discovery Channels more then I can remember. But nothhing beat seeing it in person, and so close too. Watching the E-2 taxiing in front of you, hearing the roars and feeling the vibration of the Hawkeye's engines, Seeing it take off and flying over your head, one can't really fully appreciated the power of this mech till actually experience it in person.

My family with VAW-112 MAINTENANCE MASTER CHIEF "Boxer". Much thanks to him for the invitattion and time to walked us through the air base. Also, "Thank You So Much" to the CO of VAW-112 for allowed me to go inside the aircraft. When we were invited to the base. I never thought I got to check out inside the Hawkeye. I only expected to have a photo next to one, but I got more than that. It was an eye opener to sat in the cockpit with a seaman as a tour guide who explaining every function of the cockpit and the radar station to me. I really appreciated that!

The only way I can describe the experience is like going to Disneyland for the first time when I was thirteen. So much fun, I didn't want to get out.

Meeting the "Golden Hawk" really make me appreciate all the men and women that made up our military. How much sacrifices each of them has made for our nation, so we can all enjoy the freedom that most of us took for granted. I just can not say "Thank You" enough.



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