Storyboard Revisions / Workbooks
ATLANTIS: Rescues/Dogfight sequence revisioned storyboards ( not continually ) with workbook panels inserts.

This a small sample of the my rough re-boarded storyboards for Directors approval before rough workbook commence.

Sequence begin with Milo rally the Atlantians to rescue princes Kida. Through dogfight inside the volcano, to happy ending and rediscovery of Atlantic again. Originally, it was three to four individual sequences, but Directors decided to combined into one big sequence before assigned it to me. Lucky, they give me enough time to re-board the sequence and do the workbook.

It was and still is the biggest sequence I ever took on. It originally consisted of more then two hundreds scenes. Each scenes made of several panels. An lots of pencil mileage. But, it was the funniest sequence of the entire movie. Mainly because it all action packed, originally anyway. Later into the production tones of the scenes was OOP to save footage for other sequences, oh well.

Here are few of my re-boarded storyboad panels and couples of workbook panels from the sequence here and there, enjoy.

Board #01.

Board #02
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