Modern Hardware: UH-1D HUEY, 188th Assault Helicopter company "Black Widows"
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A Black Widows making it run. Skims the tree top level of South Vietnam with crew chief and door gunner covering the Huey, ready to unleash it full load of 7.62mm rounds to any hostile.

This drawing is long overdue. It is a simple drawing. But, it's just one of those idea that flowing around inside my head that I'm not sure how to get it out. Cause I don't want to just do "a" drawing. I want to, or HOPE to draw something that will honor and not disgrace the Vietnam Veteran. I hope you will enjoy it, and I welcome any comments. Thank you.

In honor of my brother in-law Glenn Dawkins, whom served with the "Black Widows" 188th Assault Helicopter company, C company, 101st Aviation Battalion in South Vietnam 1967. 1968 served with "Top Tiger" 68th Assault Helicopter Company


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