Modern Hardware: 160th SOAR(Ab) Nightstalkers MH 6J Little Bird
$35. plus shipping

The drawing depicts a MH-6J 'Little Bird' with a small group of Special Forces 'D-Boys' riding on the EPS (External Plank System). From the beginning, the 'Little Bird' has been in service with the famous 'Night Stalkers' 160th Special Operation Aviation Regiment (Airborne). MH-6J is unarmed and it principal role is transport small group of 'Operators' on EPS, (some time call 'pods' or 'benches') up to 3 passengers on each side.

I love rotary aircraft, I'm amazed by them. Every time I see one of those thing flying, specially the H-53 Stallion or a CH-54 Tahre. I'll be like..."WOW! How can that big chunk of metal stay up in the air!" I'm just totally amazed. What can I say? I'm a Caveman.

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