Modern Hardware: 160th SOAR(Ab) Nightstalkers MH-60K Blackhawk
$35. plus shipping

This drawing depicts a Blackhawks MH-60K used by one of the aviation units from US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM). The famous 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne) 'Night Stalkers' After internal modified and cockpit upgrade, the first Blackhawks UH-60s were re-designated as MH-60As. With more system enhanced and up-armed from machine guns to minigun, it re-designated as MH-60L DAP (Defensive Armed Penetrator). The MH-60L DAP with Stub wings configuration can carry 30-mm Chain guns, Hellfire Missiles, Hydra Rockets and Air-to-air Stinger Missiles. With new radar, various avionics upgrades and carry only the Miniguns, the MH60K were built just for it role in Special Operations to serve with the 'Night Stalkers'.

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