Axis Hardware: STUKA Ju 87G-2
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Bring death from above. A Stuka with it twin 37 mm Flak 18 cannons reek havoc to the enemy below. This drawing depicts a Ju 87 G-2 Stuka tanks destroyer, flown by tanks buster ace (519 tanks killed) Oberstleutnant Hans Ulrich Rudel, Kommodore of SG.2 during battle of the Kursk. His tactics for tanks busting was hit the enemy tanks at the rear or the side were the armor are thin.

Finding a good picture of the Stuka that Hans Ulrich Rudel flown in Kursk was not as easy as I thought. The camo patterns and the tail code are really hard to read if not impossible, and the drawings from my reference books and on the web are no two the same. So, I pick what I like and run with it. Hope you will like this drawing.

Just because I like my friend Kevin, well... mostly because he sold me his Xbox games and PS2 dirt cheap. I added him in the drawing as requested. With very very very sharp eye, you can see Kevin toasted by the Stuka. It was fun putting Kevin in my drawing. Think I'll try to put him in my next drawing too and see if people can pick him out. It will be fun!

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