Axis Hardware: Tiger I Ausf E. sPzAbt. 501 (Early Production)
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Moving swiftly through a sweeping grasslands somewhere near Kursk. This Tiger Ausf. E 131 Schwere Panzerabteilung 501 is advancing to engage it next target. In the distance, a T-34 engulfed in flame, one more victim of the Tiger's deathly 8.8 cm cannon.

I was looking for a unit marking when I was working on this drawing, I came across some info about the 501 fought in the Kursk. I thought that's perfect! I like the unit marking, and I want to depicts the battle of the Kursk. But, after I'm done with the drawing. I forgot which book the info was in, I can't find it anywhere! So, did I remember correctly? Did the 501 fought in the Kursk? well, if this drawing is not historically correct, then it could be anywhere you like, just use your imagination. Hope you will enjoy this drawing.


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