This is a 1/6 S.D.F.S. MELUSINE soft vinyl kit by Nitto. The 3rd 1/6 scale vinyl kit Nitto released. I missed the first kit MA.k. MASCHINEN KRIEGER. But, I got the 2nd kit FIREBALL. Think the Fireball is the ‘space’ version of the 1st release. When I saw the ad for the 3rd kit, I jumped on it. I don’t konw anything about the story behind all that S.D.F.S. stuff. But, I just love their kits. I think it’s the size. They goes well with my 1/6 scale action figures collection.

This picture is just something I slammed together in between the America's Army online game. First time I tried something like this, fun! Hope you like it.

By the way. If you plays FPS online games, and see some guy name Good_Duck or GoodDuck.net running around. Please be nice and try not to TK or nade him anymore. Thank you.


Pic #1. Unlike the 1st and 2nd kits. This MELUSINE kit come with the hatch cast with the main body. More work for me, cause I do want to open up the hatch and put a pilot in it. Good thing Nitto included the cockpit. So, “Thank you, Nitto”.

Pic #2. The cockpit fit right into the body after a lots and lots of test fitting. The kit came with 2 fix, non functional hinges for the hatch. I used them as a guide and made a functional one. So now the hatch is functional, but the thing is too heavy to stay open on it own without support.

Pic #3-4. With a little spare parts, I come up with a support for the hatch. Got that idea from the hatchback on my SUV. The support was fold aside when I want to close the hatch.


Pic #5, 6, 7. Shoulders plates. I want to allow more up and down shoulders movement. So I trimmed the inside corner. The 1st plate on the left is after, right is before. I also have to trim the center too. You can see ½ of the center was trimmed. And you know what. The shoulders now works great. Complete movement at all direction. After I put the armor on. The shoulders can hardly move up and down at all. All that time spent help NOTHING!

Pic #8, 9. I fabricated the arms by cutting and joined together the elbows and legs of a Dragon figure. I did the same thing on the Fireball. I like to use Dragon figures. The hard plastic makes it easy to saw and glue together.

Pic #10. Melusine equipped with a laser cannon on the left arm. I think it maybe fine for the space unit, like the Fireball. But, Melusine is a ground unit, and I really don’t like that laser cannon design anyway. So, I’m going with the Mining gun from 21st Century Toys. Pic #11. The gun is too long as it. It almost drags the floor, so I shorten it about 3/8 inches. Pic #12. The gun is still looks too long. Think I end up took off more then an inches off that thing before it look right. Pic #13, 14. More spare parts from Dragon’s 1/6 night vision and 1/16 Verlinden’s Panther A. front fender. The Gun is done and looks just right at home. The ammunition feed come with the gun from 21st. I didn’t cut an opening for a spent cell chute. Causes I just don’t think it will look good anywhere I put it. Besides, this Mining gun uses case less ammunition. Well, I said it is. So, it is!

Pic# 15. Ready to paint. I complained to my roommate Kevin about the feet are too small to go storming around the battlefield, and maybe I should make a set of toecap for it to give the unit more foothold.
  1. Pic #16. Well, Kevin being a nice guy that he is, and made me a set of toes. Isn’t that nice.

Pic #17-23. All done! Don’t you love that camo.
Pic #24-26. With the figure inside, I can tell how uncomfortable for someone to be in there to pilot that thing. I think in real life. The pilot have to be no more then 4’6” or 5’ max to fit inside. I really don’t think it is a 1/6 scale model. Look more like a 1/7 or 1/8. (The same goes with the Fireball kit).

Pic #27. Photo of the family, wife and kids taped inside the cockpit.

Hope you enjoy it, and I welcome your comment as always. Thank you for your visit. Thank you your visit

Thank you for viewing, and I welcome your comment.

Thank you for viewing, and I welcome your comment.



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